With a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Law and a love for business, Jerry leads the team alongside his brother Rick as the Managing Director at Property Equity Builders.

Jerry’s extensive knowledge and skills in owning, managing and building businesses has seen him work across a broad spectrum of industries not only here in WA but also in the USA, Canada and the UK.

Jerry and his brother have worked together on many projects over their careers, utilising each others strengths to provide professional services based on good family values. In 2012 after 3 years working in the USA as a successful business manager, Jerry and his brother Rick once again combined their expertise to establish Property Equity Builders, a company built on values of trust, honesty and transparency.

Jerry is continually expanding his business portfolio with part ownership of two very busy and successful Italian restaurants, Il Pasto Inglewood and Mt Hawthorn whilst also expanding his interest into property development.

Jerry loves the outdoors and when he’s not stuck in his office you’ll find him taking a run around the Perth bridges or spending time with his wife and young family.

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